Hi, I’m Chris Wanless. Welcome to Is This Heaven?.

Beginning as a project for a college course in 2013, Is This Heaven? has taken a number of forms in the years since. In fact, at the beginning, I didn’t even have a name for it–it was cpwanless09.wordpress.com. Hoping to come up with something a little clever, I landed on Is This Heaven? as a nod to Field of Dreams and the great state of Iowa, where I was born and raised.

What started as an academic venture soon morphed into a space for poorly thought out music and television reviews and tragic attempts at comedic list-making. Analyzing everything from Saturday Night Live to the real world merits of Taylor Swift’s 2012 smash “22,” I weaved my way between lanes with the enthusiasm of a getaway driver in a high-speed car chase.

Some might say it hasn’t gotten better. Truth is, I don’t know that it’s any better or any worse. What I do know is I have a passion for three things: sports, pop culture, and writing. Passion, by nature, drives one away from objectivity, and I’ll never stop fanboying over Bruce Springsteen, Friends, or the Green Bay Packers. What I hope to do, to some degree, is inform and entertain, and I thank you for checking things out.