Stream of consciousness: Chiefs 13, Packers 7

The Packers fell to the Chiefs Sunday evening, 13-7, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The following is a collection of thoughts as the game unfolded in real time:

  • Jordan Love understandably with some nerves to start. LaFleur trying to get him settled down with an easy pitch and catch on the first play, and Love misses the target. That kind of stuff is going to happen in your first NFL start.
  • Eric Stokes hurt his knee in warmups…not what you want to hear any time, especially not when Patrick Mahomes is on the other side of the line of scrimmage.
  • Packers had a chance to get off the field right away, instead give up a fourth down conversion and the Chiefs capitalize with a touchdown. Gonna be tough to play from behind, in one of the most hostile environments in the NFL, with an inexperienced quarterback. 15 plays, nearly eight minutes off the clock.
  • AJ Dillon with authority! 24 yards on his first two carries. A steady dose of the Quadfather could go a long way in this one.
  • Packers actually had some pretty nice answers on that drive. All for naught with the missed field goal. Another Chiefs score here and it’s going to start feeling like one of those days.
  • Oren Burks! What a tackle to deny the first down.
  • YES! What a defensive effort to get the fourth down stop! We’re in business in Kansas City territory!
  • Aaron Jones is tough. And a wizard. A tough-ass wizard.
  • The snap/hold operation have been bad on both field goal attempts. Laces to the side. Special teams doing exactly zero to help Jordan Love right now. Woof. The field goal operation has been a mess all season–Maurice Drayton has to figure out what’s going on there.
  • Another stop for the Packers defense. They’ve played well outside of getting slowly bled on the first Chiefs possession.
  • Awesome job by Love to keep his eyes downfield while navigating the pocket in his own end zone after canning the play at the line of scrimmage. Then nearly picks up another first down with his feet on the next play. Looks like he’s calming down a bit.
  • That said, he has to be careful stiff-arming folks with his throwing hand. That’s an easy way to get your finger broken.
  • Boy, oh boy…the Packers defense is keeping them in this game, and their special teams is trying to give it away. Drayton is going to be real busy this week. Chiefs with a chance to go up two scores before halftime, and they’ll receive the second half kickoff.
  • Incredible effort from the Packers defense to hold the Chiefs to a field goal after the muffed punt. They are playing out of their minds so far today.
  • Love just doesn’t have the timing down with Adams like Rodgers does. Not that anyone would expect it to be there, but they just haven’t been able to get on the same page. Packers should, frankly, feel lucky to be down 13 at halftime.
  • Jordan Love has a 76.4 passer rating through one half. Patrick Mahomes is sitting at 74.8.
  • A stop and a score to start the second half makes this a ballgame, despite all the Green Bay miscues in the first half. Need the same defensive effort.
  • They get the stop on a Rashan Gary sack…and Amari Rodgers nearly gives it back on another muffed punt. Put Randall Cobb back there already.
  • They did not get the score. Why is Jordan Love walking up to the center with one second left on the play clock? Near disaster.
  • Boy, the Chiefs offense stinks.
  • That said, the Packers defense is still playing terrific football. Another stop!
  • AJ Dillon is currently averaging 6 yards per carry. Hand it off!
  • From a clean pocket, Jordan Love looks comfortable as can be.
  • …until that interception, which likely will effectively end this game.
  • Randall Cobb, on a play that may not matter to the outcome, picks up a first down on a phenomenal effort after the catch. Love that guy.
  • Love to Lazard! Packers are still alive!
  • Long story short, the Packers special teams miscues early on in this game cost them dearly. Not a stellar debut for Jordan Love, but he hung in there and put some positive things on tape. 7-2, with Rodgers and Bakhtiari hopefully back next week against the Seahawks.
  • Go Pack.

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