Stream of consciousness: Packers 24, Cardinals 21

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in a thrilling, wild finish in Arizona Thursday night. The following is a collection of thoughts as they occurred throughout the game:

  • Corey Bojorquez may go down as one of the best acquisitions of the Brian Gutekunst era. He opened his night with a 58-yard bomb on the Packers’ first possession.
  • Eric Stokes is going to be a very good player–and he’s already very good for a rookie–but he has got to get better at tracking the football. The maddening part is he’s almost always in-phase, but just can’t locate the ball at the moment of truth.
  • We are so spoiled by Aaron Jones. That second quarter touchdown where he straight up ran through a defender and powered his way to the endzone was damn impressive.
  • Speaking of Jones, I’d be remiss not to mention the role AJ Dillon has carved out for himself in this offense. The compliment he provides to Jones is beautiful to watch.
  • De’Vondre Campbell has been a revelation at middle linebacker. It seems like it’s been 15 years since the Packers had a legitimate playmaker at that position. The guy just plays solid, smart football.
  • That Marcedes Lewis one-handed catch should have counted as a touchdown solely on principle.
  • The Packers got the ball on the 3-yard line after the muffed punt and proceeded to throw three passes. That’s a head-scratcher.
  • 10-7 at halftime. Should probably have been 14-7, but you’re never going to complain about having a lead at halftime, on the road, on a short week.
  • DeAndre Hopkins came out after the Cardinals’ second possession of the game and likely isn’t coming back. Remember this the next time you wonder why the Packers are being so cautious with a hamstring injury.
  • Don’t look now, but Dean Lowry is on a nice little run.
  • What a catch by Randall Cobb to put the Packers up two scores early in the second half. Shame on me for shouting, “Run the GD ball!” at the television. Sometimes the defense just isn’t going to let you.
  • DeAndre Hopkins just came back into the game. Hamstrings be damned, I guess?
  • Cardinals went no-huddle and marched right down the field. No one said this was gonna be an easy one!
  • Hope Kylin Hill and Jonathan Ward are okay after that vicious collision on the kick return. Hill really didn’t need to bring that one out.
  • Packers lose Bob Tonyan (Ts & Ps) and proceed to go up two scores once again on another Rodgers dart to Cobb. Matt LaFleur has put together a hell of an offensive game plan given his virtual MASH unit of an offense.
  • Touchdown, Cardinals. Packers are going to have to close this one out in crunch time. Can they do it? In any case, this has been a wonderful football game.
  • In the midst of a potential put-away drive, the Packers burn their final two timeouts. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite them.
  • Wal-Mart brand Clay Matthews has made a couple nice plays for the Cardinals tonight.
  • About those timeouts…
  • What a turn of events. The Packers go from scoring a game-sealing touchdown to turning it over on downs at the Arizona 1-yard line in a matter of a couple minutes. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!
  • I mean…are you kidding me? This was unfolding as an absolute nightmare, and then, they just…won the game? Huh?
  • Get healthier and get ready for the Chiefs in 10 days. Go Pack.

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