Instant reaction: Eagles 34, Packers 27

The Green Bay Packers (3-1) suffered their first loss of the season Thursday night, falling to the Philadelphia Eagles (2-2), 34-27, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Some initial thoughts on the loss:

  • If the NFL is serious about player safety and preventing head injuries, they need to start enforcing harsher penalties for unnecessary, egregious and, frankly, dirty plays like the one we saw from the Eagles’ Derek Barnett on Jamaal Williams. If that isn’t the type of play that warrants an ejection, I’m not sure what is.
  • While I’m on it, the NFL has gotten itself in way too deep in regard to reviews of pass interference. We took “no one knows what a catch is anymore” and piled “no one knows what pass interference is anymore” right on top of it. The only thing clear and obvious about anything is that pass interference challenges are a waste of everyone’s time. Dear New Orleans, we’re sorry you got screwed, but it should not have led to this.
  • I guess Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur weren’t kidding around when they said they needed to get Davante Adams more involved. Adams had a casual six catches on six targets for 107 yards in the first quarter and he never really stopped all night, finishing with 10 catches and 180 yards before leaving with a foot injury in the fourth quarter.
  • Speaking of Rodgers, the two-time MVP turned in a vintage performance in this one, despite the game-ending interception. It was the eighth time he’s surpassed 400 passing yards in the regular season.
  • Having said all that, the run game really struggled. Williams’ departure left Green Bay with Aaron Jones and Danny Vitale in the backfield, with rookie Dexter Williams inactive. Not that anyone expected them to run all over the Eagles, who came into the game with the second-best rushing defense in the league, but you can’t be afraid to run the ball from the 1-yard line when you have four shots at it.
  • The Packers’ run defense is a problem at the moment, and we got our first look at what can happen when they’re not sacking the quarterback or forcing turnovers. Philadelphia did pretty much whatever they wanted offensively for three quarters of this game because the Packers couldn’t stop the run and the Eagles abused that advantage to no end.
  • The Packers have an extended break before heading to Dallas in week five. Hopefully the prognoses on Jamaal Williams and Davante Adams will allow them to get healthy for that one.

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