NFL Week 13 Picks

Here are my picks, excluding the Texans and Packers, for week 13 of the 2016 NFL Season:

Dallas at Minnesota

While nothing would necessarily shock me here, I just don’t think you can count on Minnesota’s defense to win the game themselves. Unless the Vikings can find a new level of explosiveness offensively, it doesn’t seem likely they’ll come out on top.

Kansas City at Atlanta

The Chiefs’ win at Denver last week was impressive. Their defense picks up where it left off and puts Matt Ryan on his rear end a few times.

Detroit at New Orleans

The Saints get a couple scores early and gets the crowd riled up. As a visitor, the Superdome is an extremely tough place to play when that happens.

Los Angeles at New England

Not even close. Jeff Fisher will wish he had Eric Dickerson in his lineup as his team is systematically dismantled by the Patriots.

Denver at Jacksonville

Von Miller & Co. should be seething after collapsing late against Kansas City at home last week. The Jaguars should make for a nice return to the win column for Denver.

Philadelphia at Cincinnati

Here’s a hot take: the Bengals just aren’t very good. The Eagles are 2-6 since starting 3-0, but they get back to .500 this week.

Miami at Baltimore

Every year, I ride the Dolphins train until it inevitably goes up in flames. All aboard!

San Francisco at Chicago

I have no idea what to even look at in this matchup. I guess Soldier Field makes the difference?

Buffalo at Oakland

There’s no better story in the NFL to this point than the Raiders. They get to 10-2 and tighten their grip on the AFC West.

New York Giants at Pittsburgh

The Giants need to keep pace in the NFC East. The defense plays well enough to limit the big plays by the Steelers.

Washington at Arizona

The Redskins also need to keep pace in the NFC East. Carson Palmer will throw the ball to the Washington defense.

Tampa Bay at San Diego

The Bucs are coming off an impressive win over Seattle, but San Diego feels like the best team in the league that has no chance of making the playoffs.

Carolina at Seattle

I don’t bet against the Seahawks at home when they’re coming off a loss. Good luck, Cam.

Indianapolis at New York Jets

What’s the record for most combined interceptions thrown in a game? What an outstanding Monday Night Football matchup.